Monday, July 13, 2009

concealing bald hair spots

"Male Baldness is real and so is conceiling bald spots"

I hope this site will be able to help many of you, the way it helped me to over come my insecurities based on my trials an errors of thining falling hair.

Lets just get into the meat of it, so your bald or your starting to go bald, ok now that we have established this, lets find out ways we can hide the sneaky culprit. not only ways to hide this but actualy build back our confidence an even re-grow our hair.

I have actualy used permanate markers to hide my gray hair and bald spots, believe it or not this thing works if you don't have money to spare. Other things I have used were caps, and hankerchief's to conceal the thining spots.

Now heres the meat of it all, I did some real hard study on this ingredient called Minoxidil-5% i have seen this ingredient in rogain and other and big brands all obtaining the same results.
Well from my own study the store brand will work just as well and cost a lot less.

Now that we have possibly the solution to bring back our hair we need time to re-grow it, but the downside is, it takes months and months to do this!

So the trick to this is, to use hair balness concealers, yes you heard it right concealers.

Conceal your weakness while it grows without know one knowing your doing it on a low profile without generating suspicion to anyone. I am amazed with the things people invent to make our lives a lot easier.

1. Get some store brand hair regrowth treatment with Minoxidil 5%

2. Get some cheap hair concealers or if you broke use permanate marker for now.

Here are some websites were you can get some cheap hair concealers if you cant find any, near your loaction where you live at.

Nanogen or Millefolium or Salonweb

One thing i have noticed and i also observed, people who eat a lot of hot spicy food or chinese foods often start loosing their hair, due to perservatives in these foods an other toxit dyes.

So what the heck is DHT? everyone says it is the cause to loosing hair, scientist say this causes the deepning of your voice and facial hair, wow all this info on this can be found here.